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Fashion Industry

Fast fashion and the way the apparel industry is conducting business is harmful to the environment. Something you can think about is how to change your shopping habits to become more envrionmentally responsible.

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What Can You Do?

Think about repurposing old clothing, visiting a thrift shop, trading, or borrowing clothes from friends to help with material reuse within your dorm. Check out the link below to find out more on local thrifting options.

Local Thrifting
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Clothing Drive

If this is something that interests you, watch out for Mizzou’s Residence Hall Association Spring Cleaning Clothing Drive to donate old clothing within the residence halls on campus and get involved!

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Other Resources

Another option to consider is donating your old clothes to Truman's Closet. Residents can do this when they are moving out of the dorm in the spring, or take items whenever they please. Truman's Closet is a free resource available to all Mizzou students, staff, and faculty in which they can borrow professional attire and cap and gowns.

Truman's Closet
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If you are looking to take a deeper dive into how the clothing industry impacts humans and the environment check out 'The True Cost' documentary below.