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Separate Switching

Dorm rooms have separate switching so residents can choose to use one of the two lights at once, or choose to have both on at the same time. This also offers roommates the option to only use certain lights when necessary, which saves energy.

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Light Fixtures 

There are two separate light fixtures in the dorm rooms. There is a fixture near the closet area and one overhead light for the entire room. Residents can choose to have an overhead light on, the closet light on, or both on at the same time. This allows for more energy savings because there are opportunities for users to adjust to a lower lighting level or no artificial light at all.

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What Can You Do?

It is always important to consider not using any artifical lighting at all when possible. Think about utilizing natural light from a window during the day instead of flipping on the lights to save electricity. Always remember to turn the lights off when you leave a room!

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Bathroom Lighting

The common space in the communal bathrooms on each resident floor have automatic sensors for the lighting. When people use the bathroom the lights will be triggered on, but after a period of time they will turn off to save energy. In the individual stalls of each bathroom residents will have to remember to turn off the lights when they leave.

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Artificial Lighting

Are you interested in learning more on different types of artificial lighting and when to turn off your lights? Check out the Department of Energy's article below.

DOE Website